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Painting Heroes has 40 years experience in all apsects of painting and decorating. This wealth of experience allows to effectively identify and evaluate the best in class of all the trades. Our Industry leading technology and sofisticated algorithmn matches customers with several of the top professionals in your area, whom match your criteria.

If your tired of the labourious process of trying to find a reputable competent trades person, then use our system today. At Painting heros we only work with the top local tradespeople.

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At Painting Heroes we appreciate and empathise with the onerous task of trying to find a reputable, reliable and trustworthy tradesman. Our system is industry leading proprietary technology that matches you with the best possible service provider. Why rely on ones person recommendation when you could rely on a database of 1000’s and simultaneously save money.


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The technology that fuels our service provider matching system is built into the website. So once you enter your details our system automatically starts evaluating our suppliers based on location, job specification, estimated job time and internal/external reviews. The system will then match you with the supplier who meets your most important metric (availability, customer reviews or price)


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Once you have been matched with your perfect trades person you can communicate with them directly. At this point you can book in a site visit if required or the job itself.


Remember to Review!

Our system is based heavily on legitimate customer reviews. So once your work is complete, if you can find the time please review your trades person so that we can continue to offer real time information on each and every one of painter decorators.


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Why use painting heroes to find commercial painters or decorators?

The Benefits of Using Painting Heroes to Connect with Qualified House Painters

There was a time where we would search endless review sites to locate a perfect hotel or flight, now with the evolution of technology we now have various booking sites that do this for us. Why should selecting a trades person be any different!

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