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At Painting Heroes, we are dedicated to helping our clients transform the appearance of their homes with top-quality decorating services. Whether you want to refresh a single room or give your entire house a makeover, we have the skills and experience to handle all types of projects. Our team of skilled painter/decorators is trained are to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards. 

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At Paint Heroes we have revolutionised the way the public can select their perfect painter, decorator, plasterer or wall renderer. With 40 years trade experience, we hand select our panel of tradespeople. Our platform will generate a list of trades people that meet your specific geographic, price and job specification requirements.


Find the Perfect House Decorator for Your Project

First, we start by gathering information about your specific project needs. This includes the size of the space, the type of wallpaper and finish you desire, and any special requests or considerations.


Expert Matchmaking for Your Painting Needs

Next, we use our industry-leading technology to match you with the most qualified and capable house decorators in our network. We take into account factors such as their location, availability, and skillset to ensure that we are connecting you with the right professional for your project.


Effortless House Results & Quality Painting

Finally, we provide you with a hand-chosen professional to work with you, and we constantly ensure the best fit. Our customer service team is available to answer any questions and help you make an informed decision.

Why our platform selects the perfect professional wallpaper installers

The Benefits of Using Painting Heroes to Connect with Qualified House Painters and decorators

There are many reasons to use our algorithm based comparison system.

Find the perfect decorating company for your project with Painting Heroes. Contact us today to get started.

At Painting Heroes, we are dedicated to providing top-quality painting and decorating services that offer a range of benefits to our clients. Some of the benefits of our service include:

Tailored Competitive Pricing : Our algorithm tethers price based on job spec, location and workers required. This means you always get the best price for your specific requirements.

Industry Leaders: We hand select all of our trades people, our rigorous process’s ensure we only offer the highest quality professionals. 

All Decorating Disciplines : Our system caters to a plethora of decorating services including kitchen resprays, and furniture painting. No matter what your needs are, we have the expertise and experience to handle all types of projects. 

Multiple Quotes: Our team will handpick the tradesman who meets all your individual requirements.

On Average 87% of our clients said we were substantially cheaper
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